Smart IVR
Smart IVR lets businesses customise the content and voice types they use for telephonic greetings and messages for a more personal caller experience.

Do you know if your phone-in menu options really work?

First impressions last and if callers are constantly greeted by impersonal interactive voice response (IVR) menu options that go on for ages or don’t offer quick answers, the next number they call might not be yours. Fleek’s Smart IVR solution ensures that calls are answered immediately by an auto-attendant that offers interactive and dynamic content instead of monotone robotic messages.  By using our cloud-based platform and vast library of voices, you have endless flexibility to update the text and voice types for each of your extensions in real time, helping you provide relevant information, tailor personal caller experiences and save recording costs.


Save Recording Costs and Change Messages On-the-fly

Traditional IVR platforms require new messages to be recorded, mastered and submitted before loading them through an external service provider – an exercise that costs valuable time and money. Smart IVR is accessible from just about anywhere using the Fleek platform and you can customise scripts on-the-go, changing the content of each message with the text and voice of your choice.


Enhanced Super Self-service and Offer Quick Call-backs

Using your unique Smart IVR messages and DTMF menu, callers can quickly access self-service options, opt to speak to an agent or request a call-back if you’re sitting with a long call queue. Because Smart IVR is fully customisable, you can ensure callers are met with relevant messages during specific times of the year so the most frequently asked questions can be answered the fastest.

Intelligent Routing for a More Personalised Caller Experience

Smart IVR’s intelligent routing lets you personalise a caller’s experience right down to the very last detail. Whether you would like an American voice to answer international calls or a UK voice to answer local calls: you can route calls to specific IVR messages based on where they originate from.

Smart routing also helps manage any outages, transferring callers from an offline branch to an online one, while you quickly deploy an IVR message informing the caller of the change so they know which branch they are talking to.


Easy-to-use Online Platform

Our Smart IVR platform is easy to use and quick to configure. Because it’s available online, you can access it from just about anywhere to update messages when you need to. You also have full access to Smart IVR reporting so you can view the number of calls answered or routed through specific IVR triggers.

Fleek’s platform offers omni-channel and bot integration that can make Smart IVR your strategic, future-proof differentiator.

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  • Detailed reporting
  • Call tracking
  • Missed call detection
  • Customisable time conditions for business hours and public holidays
  • Call forwarding
  • Ring group, hunt group or after-hours routing
  • Group calling
  • Customer feedback and voting