Fully customisable AI bots that can take care of automated tasks, provide business intelligence data and empower your employees to do more.

Do You Enjoy Doing the Same Thing Repeatedly? Bots Don’t Mind…

Bot technology holds the promise of almost-endless growth, but many businesses still limit this tool to chat windows, pop-up screens or one-dimensional virtual agents. Knowing how to unlock the power of bots can you achieve so much more in the way you interact with customers, empower your employees and grow your business in a digital age. Our Bot platform provides businesses with the ability to implement capabilities that not only help them work better today: it also future-proofs their operating model in the lead-up to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Fully customisable and easy-to-integrate, we can have your businesses bot-ready in no time.


Automate Mundane Tasks

Having advanced tech support or customer relationship managers inundated by tasks like password resets is a waste of precious time and resources. Bots can automatically take care of these mundane tasks, giving agents more freedom to focus on strategic activities and you the opportunity to upskill them into customer service champions.


Augment the Abilities of Your Employees

Augmented intelligence can help employees gain insight into customer interactions so they can solve complex problems, quickly. Virtual assistants can take care of general tasks to save time and provide intelligence on a caller’s history so the agent knows exactly who’s calling, why they are calling, how many times they’ve called before and if this is an escalated call – all before they connect to the customer.

Provide Help Faster Through Super Self-service Features

Our bots are infinitely customisable and can be integrated into any environment, so you can use the platform to implement a range of smart self-service features that match your unique requirements. This makes sure calls are answered almost instantly and resolved as quickly as possible – only involving human agents where needed.


Empower Visually, Hearing- and Speech-impaired Employees

The Bot platform leverages advances in AI-human interactions, offering various speech-to-text and text-to-speech add-ons so visually, hearing- and speech-impaired employees can operate all aspects of your system and deliver a great customer experience on any call.


  • Integration possibilities
  • Speech-to-text and text-to-speech add-ons
  • Granular control of calls for precise routing
  • Intelligent inbound call routing
  • Advanced reporting
  • And a whole lot more…