AI Scoring
Feature-rich and automated scoring of call recordings to improve agent performance, reduce human error and deliver a better customer experience.

Are You Still Using Manual Reviews to Score Your Call Centre Calls?

Scoring calls isn’t just about quality assurance or catching employees doing ‘the wrong thing’: it’s about building a database of knowledge you can use to upskill your team, analyse customer interactions and interrogate current processes to see where you can improve to deliver a better experience to customers. But manually reviewing calls takes up a lot of time – and resources – and scoring often takes a backseat to other activities. With fully automated and intelligent rating, our AI Scoring solution helps you score more calls, faster and better than before, so you can focus your agents on more strategic activates while building a solid database of categorised calls.


Automate Scoring so Agents can Focus on Other Tasks

Agents no longer need to listen to calls, manually going through each one to search for certain instances or identify specific pieces of information – helping them use the agents in different areas of the call centre, more productivity.


Improve Efficiency and Reduce Human Error

Because it’s fully automated, our AI Scoring uses bots to score multiple recordings simultaneously, saving time and resources. It can also be programmed according to set parameters so it can rate and categorise recording according to key words, phrases or other business rules – making sure you can better score each one more accurately.

Score More Recordings than Before

Manual intervention is limiting and sometimes businesses score as little as 4% of their total calls. Thanks to increased automation and efficiency, AI Scoring let you rate and categorise as many calls as you need, at a faster rate, so you can build a robust database of categorised calls in no time.


Protect Confidential Recordings and Sensitive Data

AI Scoring uses automated bots to rate and categorise calls, so the need for agent intervention is completely removed. This means you don’t have to worry about sensitive calls or confidential information ending up in the wrong ears by accident.


  • Transcription
  • Specified search capabilities
  • Script customisation
  • Performance scoring
  • Create your own scorecard
  • Full reporting based on business rules