Smart IVRs: Why organisations don’t always have to stick to the script

How many contact centre menus do you remember off by heart, knowing to ‘press 5 for billing’ even before being prompted? How about being reassured by the same monotone voice how important your call is in between flute and ukulele renditions of popular songs?

Having started as a complex and expensive automation task in the 70s, interactive voice response (IVR) technology has become a basic feature of businesses across the globe. Whether it’s providing numbers so callers can punch in self-service options or playing pre-recorded messages to get information across: IVR comes in at a crucial customer touchpoint, making sure calls are answered almost immediately and that customers can have their queries resolved as soon as possible.

A solid IVR platform can go a long way in making sure your business can answer high call volumes, but that doesn’t mean you always need to stick to the same script. What if you need to change your greeting message to get critical information across to reassure callers when something goes wrong? Or update your greeting message to link to certain marketing campaigns? Static IVR menus simply don’t offer this option and (as you will read later) can take ages to update, leaving many businesses with little choice but to stick to the monotone, robotic greetings their customers have come to know (and not love).

How Smart IVR boosts your business

This is where Smart IVR comes in. By using a cloud-based platform and tapping into a vast library of available voices, Smart IVR lets you customise messages so you can change the language, accent and content of greetings as-and-when you need to. It can then use either simple dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) signals (the numbers you press to select menu options) or more complex DTMF chains and other IVR messages to accomplish various tasks.

If implemented properly, smart IVR can enhance your business in several ways. Since Fleek’s Smart IVR is built on top of our platform, we have included some advanced tech tips to give you a glimpse of the integration opportunities that are out there.

  1. Cost-effective and customisable messages on-the-fly

For every new message you want to load with a traditional IVR platform, you need to record, master and submit your sound file to your service provider – an exercise that costs valuable time and money. Smart IVR is accessible from just about anywhere using the Fleek platform and you can customise scripts on-the-go, immediately changing the content of each message with the text and voice of your choice.

Advanced tech tip: You can use business intelligence reporting to monitor the frequency of certain self-service requests so you can customise your Smart IVR messages and DTMF menu to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  1. Giving callers more options with super self-service and quick call-backs

Smart IVR systems help resolve everyday quick-fix tasks and can service high call volumes, fast. A call is answered almost immediately with a unique message so callers can use your DTMF menu to access self-service options, request to be transferred to an agent or request a call-back (as soon as possible) if you’re sitting with a long call queue. Again, each IVR message per menu item can be customised as you go along, without having to re-record it every time.

Advanced tech tip: By pairing frequently asked questions with industry cycles (like tax certificate requests during e-filing season or password reset requests after December holidays) you can proactively update your Smart IVR messages and menu options to provide the most relevant answers during specific times of the year.

  1. Intelligent routing for a more personalised caller experience

Because you have access to a vast range of voices and accents, Smart IVR lets you personalise a caller’s experience right down to the very last detail. Whether you would like an American voice to answer international calls or a UK voice to answer local ones, you can route calls to tailored IVR greetings based on where they originate from. Smart routing also helps manage outages, transferring callers from an offline branch to an online one, letting you create a quick IVR message informing the caller of the change so they know which branch they are talking to.

Advanced tech tip: Number recognition can also be used as part of your fraud prevention and identity verification processes. By loading a list of approved numbers on the system, the platform can identify and flag any suspicious or unapproved numbers and play a message to ask the caller to confirm information or transfer them to an agent.

So…why do people still want IVR?

You might be wondering why there is still a need for IVR technology when things like chatbots and machine learning are making waves in industries across the world, taking away the inflexibility of traditional IVR platforms.

While there is a lot of work being done in these spheres, the successful application of this technology is still a work in progress and many businesses simply don’t have the budget or expertise to implement them yet. This is why the appetite and application for IVR remains: they need an auto-assistant that can at least greet a caller, even if it is just to put them on hold. This is where Smart IVR really adds value, helping them bridge the gap between static IVR capabilities of today and the dynamic telephony technology of tomorrow.

We know that Smart IVR can also be powered by bot technology, but do people really know what bots do? Keep an eye out for one of our future blogs from CEO Johann Steyn where he will bust a few bot myths to create a clearer picture of what this technology can achieve.[/vc_column_text]

Smart IVR offers a whole range of additional features such as missed call detection, call forwarding, group calling, customer feedback and online voting capabilities that can help you make the most of this platform. You can even use your own voice artist if you don’t want to use any of the existing voices.

Contact us today to see what Fleek’s Smart IVR solution can do for your business.

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