From Desktop to Digital: Evolve Your Call Centre with Fleek

Technology that assists and manages your call centre for optimal productivity is one thing. But having a team that is even more obsessed with your business than you are is something that can take you from call-centre-average to digital-age-differentiated.

Since Fleek comprises a group of puzzle solvers, we are fixated on finding the best and most cost-effective way of meeting your requirements. But don’t just take our word for it: have a look at our overview of services and get in contact to put our team to the test.

Customisable bots that empower your employees
Automation is a major area of opportunity for call centres… but also a grey area of anxiety for the people they employ. Bots are not here to replace the human workforce entirely, but rather to enhance it. Removing mundane, automated tasks from your agents’ everyday work will not only give them more freedom to focus on strategic activities, it will give you the opportunity to upskill your agents into customer service champions.

Bots are an attractive prospect, but implementer beware: you need to make sure your business’s current capabilities match your bot aspirations. Many businesses run the risk of implementing a quick-fix bot that does little more than frustrate customers enough to eventually opt for an agent – leaving your call centre teams in charge of customer retention versus customer service.

This is where the beauty of Fleek’s bot solution lies: it is fully customisable to match your business processes and it’s up to you how far you would like the automation to go. Instead of doing a rip-and-replace of your current processes, our bots integrate with what you currently have and our team consults with you to see how best you can utilise this technology going forward.

What’s in the box?

Data-driven call centres and cloud PBX
With close to a decade’s experience in designing and refining solutions, call centres still lie at the core of what we do. Interfaces, features and capabilities won’t mean much for your business if they aren’t informed by advanced data intelligence which is why we combine the essence of what makes traditional call centres work with the technology that can turn them into software-defined information hubs.

No office access for call centre employees? No problem. Having a cloud-based system eliminates the boundaries of traditional phone systems and allows your teams to work from their home, mobile office or even mobile device when needed – especially when power supply and work commutes becoming unpredictable during certain stages of the day.

By using your Internet connection and the power of the cloud to provide your business with feature-rich voice solutions (usually with more reliability and lower costs) you don’t need to worry about managing the infrastructure of your cloud-based call centre. We manage it and make sure it works so you can focus on more business-critical projects.

Taking omnichannel from buzzword to business reality
In a study by the Gartner Research Group, they found that 70% of customers prefer to use a business’s website to get answers rather than making a call to an agent. While this isn’t exactly ground-breaking news, it does form part of a much larger customer experience (CX) challenge businesses are aware of but – all too often – can’t seem to implement successfully: having a full omnichannel presence.

Omnichannel doesn’t mean simply having several touchpoints for customers to engage your business. The euphoria and novelty of interacting with a big business on a social messenger quickly fades with the frustration of dropped connections, buffering bots and re-entering the same information over and over again.

It’s what happens in the background that can make or break your business’s virtual presence. Our omnichannel integration gives you full access and visibility across all your business platforms so you can provide seamless CX and arm your agents with the knowledge they need to resolve a call as quickly and effectively as possible.

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It’s all in the data and integration
Advanced data and analytics are probably the two biggest tools that will help call centres thrive in an omnichannel era. Not only can these capabilities successfully route customers to agents (or bots) based on data from previous purchases and online behaviours, it can provide you with valuable information around agent productivity, operational trends and customer tendencies to help you make smarter decisions.

Our platform allows you to tap into data exchanges and automation to access advanced call centre and cloud PBX features that link directly into smart business intelligence reporting.  CRM and ERP are the cornerstone of any customer-facing enterprise and having a provider that can develop and integrate solutions to enhance your processes isn’t just a tick-box item anymore: it’s an invaluable service that can form the backbone of your digital journey.

Explore our full suite of solutions to see how your business can benefit
These are only some of the key solutions and features we offer our clients to future-proof their businesses in the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Make sure you visit www.fleek.co.za for more detailed information on what our solutions entail, how you can  benefit and, of course, to explore our What’s in the Box page to win a month’s free services. Make sure you check our Latest News section every month for insights and articles on all-things-telephony.

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